Multidisciplinary Storytelling

Eleven years into my career at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, as part of a what was initially a two month sabbatical, I began a research project examining the world of storytelling. The goal: To gain a sense of best practices and tools that can help connect the public to the histories of all Americans

Watch my recent presentation on “Multidisciplinary Storytelling in a Digital World”


Beyond the Written Word: Historical Storytelling in an Interdisciplinary World

My introductory post to my sabbatical project on Multidisciplinary Storytelling. In this post I lay out my initial goals and methodology, including the connections it has to my work at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 


One Foot in Front of the Other: Defining Terms

A closer look at the language of my sabbatical project. Interdisciplinary vs Multidisciplinary, what exactly I mean by media, and drilling down into my perspective regarding storytelling. 


The Layered Past, Italian Style

This is what I know: In every age there is a dominant narrative that defines an era, a country, or a place. Those are the stories we know by heart, from school, or from our personal lives. As we scoop out that initial layer we see the people beyond the themes—often sorted into heroes and villains—before ever (if ever) venturing deeper. Those that do, recognize quickly that below that narrative there are infinitely more stories to tell.