Words are valuable. They clarify, explain, soothe, convince, emphasize, and engross. They also inspire. My particular love affair with words evolved over thirty years thanks to a number of incredible storytellers - beginning with a magic school bus, a wrinkle in time, and a girl detective with a blue convertible. Once I put my own proverbial pen to paper I knew I could never stop writing.

On most days I write about how history intersects with the everyday or the linkages between Star Wars and human mythology. But I am influenced by storytelling in all its forms, whether it be between the pages of a book, on television, or in the theatre.  You never know when inspiration might strike.

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The Heart of the River

Every adventure starts the same way: with one foot in front of the other. The Heart of the River follows a young explorer named Arya as she searches for wonder at the heart of the River Idira. Along the way she encounters a fearsome dragon, and uncovers her own ability for courage and kindness.

This story began as a passion project for my two nieces and became something that I am incredibly proud of producing. In addition to being a gift, I wanted to develop a narrative about a young girl who is adventurous, curious, and kind. Arya is all of those things and more.

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